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CONEKTO’s customer management directory stores customer details, making relevant contact information quickly accessible with a few clicks of a button. Organized indexes of client information make sending professional invoices an effortless process.

Get closer to your clients. Use CONEKTO to design marketing campaigns, send marketing material, and respond to customer feedback. Create and manage a unique loyalty rewards program to express your gratitude to frequent buyers.

CONEKTO updates customer profiles as they interact with the system, automatically categorizing them. Intelligent grouping makes it easy for businesses to create email lists with tailored content.

Cultivate mutually beneficial relationships with loyal customers. Use CONEKTO to record email addresses for swift contact, making it easy to send creative marketing campaign communications to interested customers.

Marketing efforts are time-consuming. Save countless hours by using CONEKTO’s automated marketing software. Create effective campaigns and use our system to contact customers, informing them of your latest bargains and new services.

Go from 0 to 100 in a flash with CONEKTO’s email campaign services to keep your customers updated with latest information.

Want to know how successful your email campaigns are in attracting buyers? After launching an email campaign, review your CONEKTO dashboard for detailed information on how your campaign impacted your sales.

CONEKTO’s already manages your business’s administrative elements. Further utilize our convenient system to obtain valuable consumer data.

Filter customers by spending behavior and review their purchase histories to further tailor email lists. Provide regular customers with personalized service based on your new insights.

Employees can share information about customers by utilizing the customer directory’s note taking feature. Use displayed notes on customer profiles to build rapport with consumers and better serve them during communications.

Make use of CONEKTO’s customer feedback system and receive motivating compliments as well as suggestions for areas of improvement. Determine areas of improvement from the people who interact with your business.

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